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The river Tay is the longest river in Scotland. It starts in the village of Kenmore and flows out of Loch Tay. The rivers Fillan, Dochart, and Lochay are tributaries that run into the loch.

The flow of the river at Kenmore is 100 cubic meters / second. When it reaches Perth, the river has the largest flow of the rivers in the UK - totaling more than the Thames and Severn combined.

From Kenmore, the River Tay passes through Aberfeldy then joins with the Tummel River at Ballinluig. At Perth, it becomes tidally influenced and empties into the North Sea at the Firth of Tay after flowing for 120 miles and draining 2,400 square miles of land.

The River Tay is famous for salmon fishing and holds the UK record for the largest salmon caught at 64 lbs (1922 by Miss G W Ballantine). Trout, grayling and roach also swim in the river and are frequently caught.

The River Tay flows down an ancient pre-glacial valley. The rocks of the valley are mostly quartz-mica schist. The glaciers deepened the valley and created Loch Tay.

Start              End               Class
Loch Tay         - Aberfeldy         1-2
Aberfeldy        - SCA Access Point    2
SCA Access Point - Grandtully          3 (rapids)
Grandfully       - Stanley           2-3
Stanley          - Thistlebrig       2-3

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