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Skin the peacock, keeping neck and head intact, mount it
on a wire frame with feathers spread, to use as a cover
for the fowl when cooked.
Lard the carcass with bacon, stuff with turkey forcemeat,
fix it on a spit, and roast it two hours or more before
a brisk fire, basting continually with white wine. Put
the wired skin over the bird and serve with rich gravy
garnished with watercress.

In France it is almost a mythological dish around which
the following legendary recipe has been built up by
ambitious gastronomes:

Pluck and clean the biggest peacock you can find and save
the giblets for the gravy. Next prepare the biggest Tom
turkey you can get, and stuff the peacock with it. Stuff
the turkey with a fine fat Strassburg goose, the goose
with a capon, the capon with a juicy pheasant, the pheas-
ant with a canvasback duck, the duck with a partridge,
the partridge with a quail, the quail with a squab, the
squab with a snipe, the snipe with an ortolan, the
ortolan with a fig-pecker, and finally fill the fig-
pecker's little tummy with one small oyster.

(by Cora, Rose and Bob Brown)

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