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From: The Thorough Good Cook

Poultry: 2. To Roast Pigeons

Let them be cropped and drawn as soon as killed, and wiped inside as well as possible. They will be ready for the spit in from twelve to forty-eight hours, according to the weather; and are in full season from June to November. If kept too long, they lose their flavour. When they are to be dressed, they must be well washed in several waters. Then stuff with parsley parboiled and chopped, and butter about the size of a nutmeg for each bird, a few bread-crumbs, and the liver chopped if it is liked. Season rather highly with pepper and salt. Twenty to twenty-five minutes will roast them. Dust with flour, and froth with fresh butter. Parsley and butter, or plain melted butter, is served in the dish, and is more suitable for mild-flavoured birds of all kinds than meat gravy, which has so strong a predominating flavour of its own. Garnish with fried bread-crumbs, or slices of bitter orange. Bread-sauce, orange gravy sauce, or rice sauce. Serve with dressed French beans, or asparagus, or cucumber.

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