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I'll go out on a limb and call these the greatest snack chips ever created for the mass market.

Here's what they are: Tostitos' fried corn chips (in the large size they call "Restaurant Style") with a dusting of powdered red pepper. They taste just like the Good Chips they serve at the Good Mexican Food Restaurants. I am fully capable of eating an entire bag in one sitting if someone doesn't club me into unconsciousness first. My dear sainted mother, who used to think the only good snack chip was plain Ruffles, tried one Roasted Red Pepper Tostitos chip after I raved about 'em and immediately tried to wrestle the bag away from me. They're that good.

Try one, and you'll never even look at those wimpy Nacho Cheese Doritos again.

Addendum: It appears that they are no longer manufacturing this flavor. Damn them all to hell. And it appears that they've replaced them with "Spicy Quesadilla" flavor Tostitos. I've yet to detect any actual quesadilla flavor in the chips. As far as I can tell, they bought up all the black pepper they could, then dumped it all on the chips. Gyaaa.

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