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Liverpool FC striker (goalscorer) from England, who was the "next big thing" before Michael Owen. His three-season stretch from 1994-1997 provided the boost to his reputation that led to his capping in 1996 against Bulgaria. An injury during the 97-98 season prevented him from being called up to play in the 1998 World Cup in France.

His triumphant return in 1998 was outshined by a goal celebration where he simulated sniffing cocaine (getting on hands and knees to pretend to sniff the goal line powder).

After signing a new contract in the summer of 1999 and becoming co-captain, a barrage of injuries sat him for over half of the 1999-2000 season. He recovered to captain "Pool" and lead them to the League Cup. After a huge argument with temporary "Pool" manager Phil Thompson (taking over the helm while Gerard Houllier was recovering from health problems), he fell out of favor with the club. The argument contributed to Fowler's move to Leeds United in November of 2001, a deal that cost the Yorkshire club eleven million pounds (roughly 16.5 million dollars).

Career Stats:
Team              Season     GP   G
Liverpool         1991/1992   0   0
Liverpool         1992/1993   0   0
Liverpool         1993/1994  28  12
Liverpool         1994/1995  42  25
Liverpool         1995/1996  38  28
Liverpool         1996/1997  32  18
Liverpool         1997/1998  20   9
Liverpool         1998/1999  25  18
Liverpool         1999/2000  14   3
Liverpool         2000/2001  27   8
Liverpool         2001/2002       3
Leeds United      2001/2002      12
Totals                      226 136

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