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British poet, 1844-1930.

Author of many short poems as well as sonnets such as The Growth of Love, dramas such as Prometheus the Firegiver, Eros and Psyche, and Demeter, and a long poem in four books called The Testament of Beauty.

His work is primarily concerned with nature and natural beauty, being full of green and colorful imagery. He also wrote about abstracts such as love, truth, and beauty, although usually in relation to nature.

Many of his longer works were related to Greek mythology. He experimented with classical poetic styles and Greece forms, and paraphrased sections of old Roman and Greek works into English, including part of the Aeneid and part of the Iliad. He also once translated a poem from Sappho.

He was appointed poet laureate of England in 1913 and held the position until 1930, when he died. His experimentation with various types of rhythm and meter has had a large influence. His most well known contemporary is Gerard Manley Hopkins.

Some of his better known short work includes "A Passer-by," "Nightingales," "London Snow," "North Wind in October," and "Low Barometer." These can all be viewed at this webpage:


He's a beautiful poet, check it out.

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