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Robot House is a fictional fraternity, the full name of which is Epsilon Rho Rho (ERR). This fictional fraternity was first introduced to the world through episode eleven of the first production season of Futurama, entitled "Mars University". 

Members of this fraternity include the infamous Bender Bending Rodreguez, Fat-Bot and many other nerdy members of robotic demeanour. The schemes of Robot House parody famous fraternity movies such as Animal House.

Bender and the Robot House members place a ladder against an outside window so they can peep on a computer which they find sexually arousing. The scheme ends in failure however, because the ladder falls and breaks fellow fraternity Snooty House's servants quarters The snooty house boys reply with this quote:

 "I say, you've damaged our servants quarters, and our servants".

Due to this event Dean Vernon, the antagonist of the Robot-house Bender, places the Robot House members on dodecatuple secret probation. Unfortunately for Robot House, Fat-bot gets nervous and eats Dean Vernon's prised model ship, "The only thing that has kept him sane these past 8 years." Then Dean Vernon yells out his commonly used catchphrase "ROOBOOT HOUUUSSEE!!"

In a later scene, Fat-bot eats a portrait of Dean Vernon under similar nervousness circumstances. Then (again) Dean Vernon yells out his catchphrase "ROOBBOOT HOUUUSSEE!!" This time however, Fat-bot is nervous about getting 'some action', which obviously implies having sex.

Eventually, Robot House enters the fraternity raft regatta in a bid to lift their probation status. Upon winning, not only would the probation be lifted but Dean Vernon will be the marshall for a parade in honour of Robot House.

Unfortunately upon shooting the starters pistol, he aims it Robot House's raft causing a rupture. This damage is not really addressed at all in the episode.

After a risky shortcut down a waterfall, Robot House manage to win the regatta and get a parade in their honour. Unfortunately enough, Bender soon steals all of value from Robot House and runs away. 




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