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aka RBO - They want to pogne!
A famous comedy group from Quebec, wildly popular in the eighties and early nineties.

Q: Why they are named 'Rock et Belles Oreilles'?
A: It's a play on words for 'Roquet Belles Oreilles' (literally, Good-eared mutt) and the french name of Hanna-Barbera's Huckleberry Hound. The original radio show, started in 1981, was called 'Le Rock de A à Z', and starred the two founding members: Guy 'A' Lepage(Le Menton) and Richard 'Z' Sirois(Les Moustaches), on Montreal community station CIBL. It was originally a serious show about the history of Rock but the idea was dropped and turned to comedy.

In 1984 they move to CKOI, then the most popular pop/rock station, and quickly become famous. Other members join them: Bruno 'E' Landry (Le Gros), Andre 'G' Ducharme(Le Nabot), Yves 'P' Pelletier(Le Maigre) along with cameos from Richard 'Z's GF later wife (then ex-) Chantal Franke(La Blonde)

Inevitably followed: The tours, the TV show, the defections (1986, Richard Z leaves the show, and divorces Chantal F).

They disbanded in 1995, while still very popular, giving credence to the old saying 'Always leave them wanting more'. Fast forward to today (2001), their twentieth anniversary, where they are re-releasing best-ofs, a DVD of their best sketches, and a few TV specials.

Of all the members, Guy Lepage is the only one having 'succeeded', he stars in a popular show: Un Gars une Fille, ex-RBOers do reocurring cameos as friends of Guy ...

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