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The most common Rock Lobster is the Western rock lobster "Panulirus cygnus". Other species of Rock Lobster include the southern rock lobster, (Jasus edwardsii) and many species of tropical lobster. Tropical lobsters are known collectively as painted or green crays, and the most common species are the green lobster (Panulirus versicolor) and the painted rock lobster (Panulirus ornatus).

Rock Lobsters weigh anywhere from 1-12 pounds. Scientists have no reliable way of calculating a lobster's age, but the oldest lobster to survive in captivity was 28 years old.

After puberty, rock lobsters, still pale from their most recent molt, join the 'whites' run, and migrate from the inshore reefs to deeper water to join the spawning stock. Migrating lobsters have been known to cover incredible distances.

Female lobsters generally spawn at about 6-7 years of age, between September and January. Most of their eggs have hatched by the end of February, and the tiny larvae are carried out to sea on wind driven currents, where they spend between 9 and 11 months feeding on the plankton, and evolve into adults. Many larvae die on their ocean journey, but the survivors eventually return to the coast. At the last stage of the lobsters' larval they look like miniature adult lobsters.

Rock lobster is a delicious seafood entree.

Whereas, RockLobster is a cool song. And, is also a fantastic, wonderful, great, magnificent, not to mention humble person.

A tribute to The B-52's' song appears on the Commodore Amiga A500 PCB - the legend

is included in the silk screen along with the component labels and copyright information.

George Robbins was the perpetrator, and added a B52's song title to every board he worked on.

Other boards thus defaced were:

  • A600 - Junebug
  • A1200 - Channel Z
  • A590 - Party Mix (Also, the front LEDs labelled 'fred' and 'wilma')

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