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A direct descendant of the Robin Hood of old, he robs from the astro rich to give cosmic poor. Evil-doers quiver in their space boots when faced with his electro-quarterstaff.

Rocket Robin Hood was a cartoon, on TV, which (apparently) only played in Canada. The series was low on actual character movement (too expensive) but had some trippy backgrounds. Also, the producers saved money by re-using artwork, animation, and entire plotlines from the (first) animated Spider-Man, which was also a Canadian show.

The ironic thing is that the Canadian TV industry has supposedly matured, yet it hasn't come up with much better than Rocket Robin Hood or Spider-Man. Both shows sucked, yes, but in a good way. Contemporary Canadian TV just sucks in a sucky way.

Remembering Rocket Robin Hood is like trying to remember an alien abduction experience: didn't Rocket Robin Hood get frozen into a solid block then free himself with just one finger? Didn't he go to some robot planet and fight the head robot who eventually yelled "My energy belt! My energy belt! I can't control my monsters without my energy belt!"

The show hasn't been on TV for a couple of decades, and is too obscure to be re-issued on video. But it's left a mark: whenever I'm pretending to be afraid of something, I still say, "Ooooh! I'm shivering in my space boots!"

There are a couple good websites... check out http://members.tripod.com/kevinmccorrytv/rrobin.html.

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