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A group of villains that plagued the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen. The Rogues Gallery are published by DC Comics and first appeared in The Flash #130 in 1962.

In the town of Central City, the Scarlet Speedster known as the Flash clashed time and again with a wide variety of villains and ne'r-do-wells. He always found a way to defeat said villains and after a time the villains found that they tired of having their collective asses handed to them by the Fastest Man Alive.

Five of the villains decided that there was strength in numbers and banded together to defeat their common enemy. This group of villains came to be known as the Rogues Gallery and clashed time and again with the Flash. The original members of the group were:

Over the years, the membership of the group expanded or changed as foes of the Flash switched out. Other members of the group, include:

The Rogues Gallery were never able to defeat the Flash and after his disappearance, most of the group retired. Some have come out of retirement to commit crimes again and in some cases have reformed and used their abilities of good.

Recently, the original five were part of a plot by the demon Neron to entrap Wally West, the present-day Flash. The five were killed and returned to life with enhanced powers but no souls, making them ruthless killers. The Flash was able to defeat Neron and get the Rogues Gallery's souls restored.

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