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Infomercial featuring a random female hostess and inventor extraordinaire Ron Popeil. Ron introduces his latest and greatest invention, a rotisserie cooker. The only instructions: "Set it and forget it!" Ron demonstrates by preparing a massive bounty of beef, chicken, pork, and vegetable dishes, all the while relentlessly shilling the bejeezes out of all the features, including a vegetable steamer, a syringe for basting, etc. Includes testimonials on behalf of the product by a group of chefs and two official-sounding people: The President of Zacky Farms and a Chief Heart Surgeon whose name escapes me. The audio inexplicably changes from Ron in the studio to a voiceover of Ron during various random parts of the show.

With your Ron Popeil Rotisserie (Model 4000 T) you really can just "Set it, and forget it!" with great features such as: And if you promise to tell at least one friend, tonight we will also include the Ron Popeil Flavor Injector System! (audience: OOooOOOo!!) Yes, folks! Now you can Inject the flavor right inside of your chicken, or turkey, or whatever you may be cooking!

Now folks, how much would you expect to pay for this great rotisserie tonight? Well similar machines are priced at three hundred dollars at the department stores. But you're not going to pay that tonight, folks. No, you won't pay Three Hundred dollars. Not Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars, not Two Hundred Dollars, not One Hundred Ninety! Not One Hundred Seventy, not One Hundred Sixty Five, not even One Hundred Sixty Dollars! Tonight, with this special TV offer, you can get the Ron Popeil Rotisserie for only FourEasyPaymentsOf $39.99!!

(audience applause)...

Capicity: Two (2) chickens or One (1) 10lb turkey. May not be available in all stores.

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