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The rugged faced actor who played among other things Brody the chief of police in the movie Jaws. He killed the shark, which has nothing to do with jumping the shark which was done by Jaws 3D.

He signed up to do the first sequel to Jaws only to get out of doing a movie called the Deer Hunter which he thought was a stupid movie.

Roy was born on the 10th of November 1932 in Orange, New Jersey. He's 5'9" and looks really young for his age. I'm serious, if you get the new anniversary edition copy of Jaws, watch the movie, and then watch the making of. Richard Dreyfuss looks old as dirt, but our man Scheider is smooth sailing regardless of Father Time's house rules.

Scheider is remarried with two kids. Steven Spielberg picked him for the role after seeing him in the French Connection. He was also in the weird but fun movie Naked Lunch. I could list his full credits, but that's what the IMDB is for.

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