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In The RPG Planescape Torment, there is a secret dungeon called the Modron Maze, which the Modron, who are a mechanical robot collective, refer to in this games a the "Rubikon Dungeon Constrution Project". This could quite possibly be the only Pokey inspired scenario in a video game, aside from the Pokey The Penguin video game that was revealed to be in development some time ago.

Aparently, this part of the game again pokes fun at some aspects of the RPG. Players will find such wonderful artifacts like: A MAGIC ITEM!(SIC), A GOODY!, A CLUE!, and A BAG OF COINS. Surprisingly, examining A CLUE reveals that you "Now have a better idea of what is going on"

Addtionally The dialog presented is rather humorus

Modron - Rubikon Dungeon Construction Project: project is to determine the dynamics, both social and asocial, surrounding the environment commonly constructed as a dungeon and to attempt to explain the abberations that tend to occur in such environments.

The Nameless One - What kind of abberations?

Modron - Quieres to be answered: What attracts people to dungeons? Why do people often seek to enter them if they are places of such danger? Why are dungeons there in the first place? What are the dynamics of a workable dungeon? We do not understand...I do not understand

TNO - Did you just say "I"?

Modron - No...you are mistaken, We are Modron

TNO - I'm sure I just heard you say "I"

Modron - We are Modron...we will no longer discuss this matter

TNO talking with a hostile dungeon inhabitant
TNO - What are you?
Construct - I am a light combat construct. I currently feature: Poor combat abilities, low intelligence, and a feeble weapon that I can use with little skill.

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