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This is a simple and fun game to play with your friends and colleagues whenever you have the urge. However, in order to fully appreciate it I feel one needs to have some sense of the game's origins; or at least, how I came to know of it.

My first experience with Rude Word Animal came during a theatre studies lesson at school. Right in the middle of telling off the class for our abysmal homework performance, the teacher received a text mesage and burst out laughing. For several minutes we sat there, wondering what the hell was going on. Finally, we forced the teacher to tell us that the text was from a history teacher, and said "Shitsnake". Not particularly funny, until she informed us of the following game.

The aim of the game is to make your fellow players laugh at an inappropriate time. The way to do this is by whispering, telephone, text message, email or otherwise with a single word on it, comprised of a rude word followed by the name of an animal. For example, the word "Fuckpuppy" or "Cuntfish", sent by text during a meeting at work, or a lesson at school, may send the recipient into fits of giggles that cannot be explained. You might not think it sounds very funny right now, but wait until, while sitting in a detention room, library or similar location where silence is expected, someone leans over and whispers in your ear, "Gigologorilla".

In essence, this game is responsible of teaching me that adults are people too, just like you and me. This was one of the formative epiphanies of my school career and a step along the way to maturity. Of course, we also started to play ourselves, which undermined the whole revelation about life. Still, we learnt a fun new game.

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