SciFi author of the "The Hacker and the Ants". Also the robot (boppers) vs humans trilogy of "Software", "Wetware", and "Freeware". Good interesting author who actually understands programming and robotics. Or maybe I don't understand those two subjects and just think he does.

Math and computer science professor,
programmer, and cyberpunk writer who
dresses better, has a cooler name,
and writes more sex scenes
in his books than William Gibson
and Bruce Sterling.
Computer geeks might also enjoy the
Actual Computer Science Concepts and
dry satire permeating the books,
although some of the prose and characters connecting it come off
as corny, at least compared to, say,
Neal Stephenson's.

Note: The following is an opinion, not fact. It is anti-Rudy, and is based on one (half) reading of his books.
Rudy, well, as far as i can tell, can't write. There was little symbolism or basically anything of real substance in his book "software", most of which consisted of sex between humans and squishies, an act that the reader doesn't need to hear about twice, let alone 30 times. See Stephenson for cyberpunkfun, and William Gibson for symbolism and all that deep stuff.

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