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Two heads of state were having a meeting.

Suddenly a secretary burst into the room. Her upset demeanour would bring a shiver down anyone's spine. "Mr Prime Minister..." she shrieked, only to be interrupted by an unfazed Prime Minister. "Margaret dear, please do remember Rule Number Six", he bid serenely over his horn-rimmed glasses.

At once Margaret composed herself. She apologised and left the room as she had found it.

The two statesmen returned to their conversation.

Sometime later, a minister stormed into the room. "It is an outrage!" she cracked. Hardly moving in his seat the Prime Minister again dismissed the disruption. "Please Veronica, remember Rule Number Six."

Veronica was stopped dead in her tracks. After a second she relaxed and a tiny smile escape her lips. "Yes," she said, "you're right. I'm terribly sorry." She walked out.

Shortly after, an advisor crashed in, tearing his hair out. He couldn't get a word out before the Prim Minister uttered "John, be sure to remember Rule Number Six."

"Yes of course" replied John. "Yes..." a smile spread across his face, "how silly of me." He skipped out of the room.

For a moment quiet set in.

The visiting head of state could not contain himself any longer, "It seems miraculous, with a single phrase you have returned three people to absolute calm." He paused. "What is Rule Number Six?"

"Don't take yourself so god-damn seriously"

He writes this down, "And what, may I ask, are the other rules?"

"There aren't any."

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