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As a stumbled home last night, bleary-eyed and exhausted from my work schedule, I came upon a rabbit in the road. He was a young buck, and he was running in circles near to where I turn in to my parking area. He did not flee when I pulled up next to him, but kept circling, which is unusual behavior for Cousin Rabbit.

I do not believe this was a chance rodent sighting. The rabbit is a messenger, I knew, but he is not my totem animal. Father Bear was the animal that came to me in a Vision I had outside of Sault Ste. Marie in my grandfather's trailer on the reservation. Father Bear is the one who teaches me to use wisdom in my life, to contemplate, and be just.

But Father Bear does not like coming to see me this far south. In visions, sometimes, but this was a powerful message that needed to be outside of the Inbetween Place. I figure that my totem sent the Rabbit to me with a message.

"Do you want this, son?"

"Do you want to be like Rabbit's young servant here, running to catch his tail, never getting anywhere. Never looking around to notice your path?"

I sat on the hood of my car for half an hour thinking about this gift from my Brother. I'm burning the candle at both ends, I realize this. I'm a little ashamed that Bear needed to reprimand me, to let me know that it's not how many things I do, but what I do. I need to stop and see where I'm going.

I need to stop chasing my tail like the Rabbit.

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