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English band circa 1993-5. Raw, urgent, grinding punk sound combined usually with anti-establishment sentiments.
Other subject matter for lyrics include feminism, Anti-Nazism and suicide. The actual songs are more cheerful than they sound.
Line up consisted of :

  • Ed Borrie - Guitar, Vox
  • Salv - Bass, Vox
  • Rob - Drums

Usually associated with the New Wave of New Wave sound of 1993 (other culprits include early Elastica, These Animal Men, Blaggers ITA and Echobelly (for some reason). Once labelled as "Smalltown Gits", wrote what they described as a "Love Song For the 90s" called Lady Love Your C*nt, based on an essay by Germaine Greer.
Discography :

  • Real Surreal/Drugs Again 7" (7/93)
  • Shame/Lady Love Your C*nt 7" (Lim. 500, Pink Vinyl, 2/94)
  • Lady Love Your C*nt 7" (Red Vinyl, 2/94)
  • Bang Bang Bang (Fierce Panda 'Shagging In The Streets' double 7", 2/94)
  • Real Surreal/Drugs Again (12"/CD/Cass, 3/94)
  • (I Want To) Kill Somebody (12"/CD/Cass, 3/94, deleted on same day)
  • Self Abused (LP/CD/Cass, 9/94)
  • Barrabas (Sub Pop 7", 11/94)
  • Another Love (LP/CD/Cass, 2/95)
  • Reflections Of You (Fierce Panda Nings Of Desire, 5/95

Discography quoted from Helter Shelter Compilation sleeve.

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