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(aka SC-SC Fibre Optic Cable). American spelling has been used for this write up.

SC:A certain type of end point connector for fiber optic cables. The SC classification can be best described as two (often joined) connectors with square, moulded plastic blocks with guides notched on the top to allow ease of connection. The sockets that SC connectors plug in to have appropriate guides as well, and clips to hold the square connector blocks gently in place. The square blocks also have very short soft resin cores (see ST-ST fibre optic cable]) with the engineered entry hole to the pair of fibers.

Advantages of the SC connector include the ease of connection (simple plug and go as opposed to locking in place of ST connectors), and the limited risk of damage since the soft resin connectors are much shorter and thus do not have much chance of snapping off.

Diadvantages include the lack of security of the connector, since the connection from the socket is less firm than an ST connector, and the extra costs associated with SC connectors through the use of integrated plastic parts, unable to be changed once manufactured.

Comparable connector points include the ST-ST Fibre Optic Cable, the RJ-45 RJ-45 fiber optic cable or a mixture of the three main connectors (i.e. ST-SC, SC-RJ45...)

The SC-SC classification indicates that both ends of the fiber optic end in the SC connector point as described above.

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