The SCP Foundation

Secure – Contain - Protect

Classified Material Beyond This Point
Unauthorized access will be monitored, located and dealt with
This is your sole warning

Item #: SCP-8██

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-8██ is to remain safely stored on secure servers at Location ███, in █████████,██████.  Due to the impossibility of standard containment, access is to be allowed to the public at  SCP-8██ is to be disguised as a collaborative writing project, with regular misinformation to be inserted through operation "Mary Sue".

Moderators employed by the SCP foundation are to regularly monitor the database, terminating excessively inaccurate articles, excessively accurate articles, terrible writing, and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Description: SCP-8██ is an extensive database of SCP objects maintained by the Foundation, categorized by SCP number. Created in █████, SCP-8██ was established to create a convenient alternative to the Foundation's extensive paper documentation. After repeated, inexplicable breaches in security beginning with the leak of SCP-173 on /x/, the paranormal section of popular image board █████ (incident 8██-01), it was determined that SCP-8██ presented a subtle memetic hazard, leading to its SCP classification. Further study found that exposure to SCP-8██ would cause otherwise trustworthy agents to leak classified information indiscriminately on the internet despite all efforts at deprogramming. Due to the infection of such critical foundation members as Drs. Clef, Kondraki, Bright, ████████, and even director OS5-█, termination of infected agents or widespread use of amnesiacs was deemed infeasable. Instead, the foundation chose to disguise all leaks using misinformation, using techniques developed in concealing SCP-███ in 196█. (See Addendum 8██-1: Operation “Mary Sue”)

SCP-8██ contains heavily censored documentation of ██ percent of all SCP objects, notably including SCP-682 – Hard-to-Destroy Reptile, SCP-173 -The Sculpture, SCP-914- The Clockworks, and SCP-087- The Stairwell. SCP objects are catalogued according to SCP number, which is assigned based on [DATA EXPUNGED]. Objects are further divided into three classes, “Safe” (under complete control), “Euclid” (unpredictable but manageable), and “Keter” (incomprehensible, highly dangerous, and ██████). Objects can be creatures, machines, places, or even ideas, as long as they provide a significant threat to global security and natural law.

Due to its infectious nature, it is highly recommended that all non-infected Foundation staff avoid using SCP-8██, instead accessing all documents through the proper channels of [DATA EXPUNGED].

Incident Report 8██-1: Operation “Mary Sue” consists of ██ Foundation agents, selected for highly adaptive writing skills. These agents are to populate SCP-8██ with records of invented SCP objects, ranging from generic, uninteresting trinkets, to poorly disguised cultural references, and clumsily-written self-insert characters. In addition to false SCP documentation, these agents are to fill the database with various user pages, works of creative fiction, and assorted creepypasta. When combined with the culling of both accurate and inaccurate articles, this both contributes to the perception of 8██ as a collaborative writing project and prevent agents of ████████, ██████, ████████ from discerning classified documents from misinformation.

Note from Dr. ██████

The author of this file is clearly been afflicted by SCP-8██. The amount of unnecessary explanation here is staggering; even most Class Ds know what SCPs are. It's clearly his intention to post this online, if he hasn't done so already. I recommend the immediate application of a Class-A amnesiac, and transfer to work on solely non-memetic SCPs.

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