A harmony-focused pop country group comprised of a trio of sisters: Kristyn, Kelsi and Kassidy Osborn. Kristyn is the main songwriter. Shedaisy.com boasts that "SHeDAISY casts as wide a net as any popular country act when it comes to subject matter but the collection is held firmly together by the "slice-of-life" reality of the songs and by the collective personality that is SHeDAISY" - possibly a reference to their multiple personalities song.

The three musicians were raised near Salt Lake City, where they put on their own variety shows at an early age, and later earned teenage cash by doing karaoke-tape-backed performances at fairs and retirement homes. As they began to write their own songs and work as a formal musical group, rather than going on radio tours to get their songs on the air, they hired David Hogan to produce an independent film with them shown in private screenings at local theaters. Now they have become a platinum-selling group which has performed on the Drew Carey Show and done Utah public service announcements about the effects of tobacco.

Of their rise to stardom, Kassidy and Kristyn have said, "When we first came, female wasn't big, groups weren't big and young wasn't big, and the feedback was that Nashville wasn't really ready for us.... But we came anyway."

The creative capitalization of their name reflects its prounciation - "sh'daisy" rather than "she daisy." The group says that it comes from a Native American word meaning "my sisters," reflecting their relationship as well as their extended community of support. Their site does not say which Native American language the word comes from.

Some of their songs and music videos can be sampled at http://hollywoodrecords.go.com/LyricStreet/artists/shedaisy/tracks.html.

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