SLA Industries is a dark future roleplaying game originally created by Nightfall Games before its assimilation and subsequent resale back to Nightfall by Wizards of the Coast. In it the players assume the role of "Operatives", agents who enforce the will of the World of Progress's most sucessful corporation, the eponymous SLA.

SLA is a relentless, all-consuming entity that assimilates all in its path into Mr Slayer's Big Picture. Your home, clothes, food, and guns are all products of SLA or one of its numerous subsidiaries. SLA provides everything you need, whilst secretly furthering its own agenda. Its goal is to maximise profits while making sure nobody ever, under any circumstances, finds out the Truth. Players usually assume the role of Operatives, freelance troubleshooters keeping the industrial sprawl running smoothly, paying the bills, and generally surviving in a hostile world.

There are currently 5 books available in the SLA line:

I am led to believe that there is also an upcoming sourcebook about the Shaktar, an old and distinguished reptilian race who have been assimilated into the World of Progress.

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