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Errata on the Sun Ultra 5 Article:

The Sun Ultra 5 does NOT use a PS2 keyboard (at least the 4 or so I've played with), although you can get an adapter from ATEN (ATEN is the same company as IOGEAR) to modify the sun keyboard/mouse cable to a PS2/keyboard and mouse outputs and modify the synch on green video to normal VGA. Most multi-synch VGA monitors will work on synch-on-green video.

Rumor has it it can run a USB keyboard under linux if you use a BELKIN USB card (the NEC chip). The chipset for video is ATI Rage, but its on the motherboard.

The Sun Ultra 5 audio ports are not PC like the diagram is below:

  • 0-Channel 1 left 0-Channel 1 Right
  • 0-Channel 2 left 0-Channel 2 Right

The Ultra 5 is kind of a half-step between PCs and the old SPARC way of doing things. Its bus is PCI and many PCI components will work.

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