SUNY New Paltz is a state university located in New Paltz, NY. New Paltz is a small town located in Ulster County, about 90 miles from Manhattan. The area is optimal for friends of nature, as the location is . In fact, New Paltz is a five-minute drive from Mohonk Mountain. Mohonk Mountain is known for its rock-climbing, but it's also a great site to hike. More information can be found at

SUNY New Paltz was founded in 1828. The student body is about seven-thousand students deep, composed primarily of undergraduates. More popular majors include education, business administration, and art, but the school offers over one hundred undergraduate degrees and fifty graduate degrees.

New Paltz is rich with three-hundred plus years of history. Huguenot Street, the oldest road in the United States is located right near the main road. The street has its original architecture from 17th century colonial life. Huguenot Street and the town are within walking distance from the campus. The town is tiny, but sufficient. The many stores on Main Street serve to fulfill the needs of college-town life. Among these are multiple chinese restaurants and pizzerias, a head shop, and one twenty-four hour mart.

In the sixties, New Paltz gained its reputation as a party school. The school recently raised its standards, and the freshman class of 2009 is noted as some of the best and brightest to attend the college. The college is still notorious for attracting hippies, with a large glowing marijuana leaf hanging from the NORML office in the Student Union like a guiding star. Besides the powerful NORML chapter, the campus has over one-hundred and thirty clubs, ranging from sports teams to political interest groups and beyond.

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