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Saab 96 is definitively a car with personality. It's looks have inspired people to come up with many nicknames, including Space Banana, Submarine, Flying Hotdog and Jungle Drum.

Saab 96 was the third model from Saab. It was first introduced in 1960, featuring a 841cc, 38hp three-cylinder two-stroke engine. The model was well received and became very popular. Production capacity was increased to 50000 units and the model opened many new markets for Saab.

In 1965, the engine was improved with three carburetors and it developed 40hp. But greater news were just around the corner: In 1967 Saab introduced the 96V4 model, which had a four-cylinder, four-stroke engine, with the cylinders arranged in a vee configuration. The Ford 1,498cc V4 engine delivered 65hp aat 4,700rpm and saw 100kph from rest in just 16 seconds. The unit was capable of 155kph although Saab factory technicians recommended a maximum cruising speed of 140kph. The 96V4 model had come to stay up to 1980, when it's production was finally ceased.

Sources: www.saabmuseum.com

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