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The EV-1 was shown to the world at various motor shows throughout 1985. The car was a fully functional, roadworthy prototype. Only one was ever made.

The car was based off the Saab 900 16V Turbo and all the parts came from the 900 except: the chassis (which was heavily modified), the front suspension and the rear axle. However the engine was also modified and the car could manage the 0-100kph sprint in 5.9 seconds which is still a respectable figure today.

The car was designed at by the team at Trollhattan, lead by Bojrn Envall. The car had solar cells fitted in the glass roof which powered an electric fan to help prevent the cabin from overheating. The front and rear sections of the car were made from Aramid reinforced glass fibre and could resume their shape after an impact.

One of the main features of the design was weight - the body was fibre glass and the interior was also different from production cars. The seats weighed less than half of a standard car seat (which isn't light when they include electric adjustment and heating).

The car looked like a cross between a Corvette Stingray and Lotus Esprit. It now lives in the Saab Museum in Sweden.

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