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The phenomenon of SAABs gravitating toward one another. Most commonly observed in parking lots, multiple SAABs are found parked in a cluster. Placing your automobile in a spot surrounded by other vehicle types does not prevent SAAB love. Isolated SAABs act as attractor states - an immense gravitational sink for these unique, Swedish automobiles.

SAAB love can be found at stop lights and while stopped at toll booths. Occasionally, SAAB love even finds a place on the open highway, where several SAABs hang together for a brief time.

SAAB love is not exclusive to any particular model, though it is most common with the 900 body-style, including the newly named 9-3. The 9000 and 9-5 models may participate in SAAB love, but not often; these more mature, sophisticated automobiles are much too "adult".

SAAB love is by no means exclusive, nor is it permanent.

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