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Nearly all pagan rituals celebrating the Sabbats (solar festivals) mention the "cakes and wine." Wine is easy enough to figure out, in traditional circles differing from contemporary practice only in that the old traditions usually made and fermented their own wine and mead. But it is difficult to find a recipe for the "cakes" they usually consume; you can find blessings for them, consecrations, and many mentions of them being eaten, but it is rare to find a real, traditional, good recipe to make them. Here is one.


Mix the butter and honey, and then beat in the eggs and cream. Fold in the flour and spices. Then cut the dough into crescents and bake it in "a moderate oven" (300º-325ºF) for about 10 minutes. When cool, dust with confectioner's sugar, or cinnamon and nutmeg.

Try also the recipe for crescent cakes, for your esbat rituals.

Source: Paraphrased from Rhiannon Ryall, West Country Wicca

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