A native born Israeli is known as a sabra, especially if their family has lived in Israel for more than two generations. Really hardcore sabras can trace their roots back to a point where their family was living in Israel pre-1948 (before Israel became a state).

Sabra is literaly a Cactus Pear. The term was extended to definition above since, like native Israelis, the cactus pear is prickly on the outside and sweet on the inside. If you run into enough sabras of either type you'll quickly realise how true this is.

Compare oleh.

If you're looking for info on Sabra and Shatila you might want to try this link.

Sabra is the name of a liqueur produced in Israel.

Its flavour is described on the bottle as chocolate-orange, although I think it's reall an orange liqueur with a slight hint of chocolate. That said, it's still very nice. As befits a liqueur, it is sweet and best consumed in quite small quantities. It also works well as a mixer, and as a cooking liqueur (eg in chocolate mousse). Alcohol content is about 27% ABV.

The bottle that it comes in is somewhat unique and looks very cool (although it's very inefficient!) I'm not even going to try to draw it in ASCII art!

The company has also branched out into other liqueurs - the most well known being Sabra Cafe, a coffee flavoured liqueur which is very good as well, although not as nice as Kahlua.

All the drinks produced by the company are supervised Kosher and (I believe) Kosher for Pesach.

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