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Ignatius was born in Syria in about 50 A.D. and died in Rome, sometime around 110 A.D.. He is linked with Mark 9v35, and is thought to have been the child that Jesus embraced. This appears to be without evidence, and seems especially unlikely considering the fact that Jesus is thought to have died around the year 33 A.D. a full 17 years before Ignatius was born.

He became the 3rd bishop of Antioch, and along with Polycarp is thought to have been involved in the collation of the Gospel of John. During the persecution of Christians during the reign of Domitian he gave support to all the local Christians. Having made peace of a sort in Antioch he made a journey to Rome.

He lived there for several years, but troubles arose again during the reign of Trajan, who ordered the Christians to unite with the pagans so that the empire might have a unified religious stance. Ignatius spoke out fiercely against this, and was arrested by soldiers on Trajan's direct orders. After his capture he wrote several famous letters to church leaders, and then was martyred as he desired. His remains are now in St. Clement's church, in Rome.

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