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Saint John is a city in New Brunswick (the one in Canada, not New Jersey). Located at the mouth of the Saint John River on the Bay of Fundy it is the largest city in New Brunswick.

Saint John was founded in 1785 by British Loyalists fleeing retribution for supporting England in the Revolutionary War and was home for a while to infamous traitor Benedict Arnold, though apparently we didn't like him much either, I guess nobody likes a fink.

Saint John is a major seaport especially in the winter when the St. Lawrence River and Seaway are frozen over. Other industries include oil refining, pulp and paper production, communications, tourism, brewing, brush manufacture and food production.
Saint John is home to Irving Oil (and all of its subsidary companies), NBTel, Moosehead breweries, Crosby's Molasses and T.S. Simms.
Saint John also gave birth to Red Rose Tea, the company that would eventually become Thomas J. Lipton.

The University of New Brunswick has a campus here as does the New Brunswick Community College.

We aslo have something called Reversing Falls which occurs when the tide in the Bay of Fundy rises higher than the level of the Saint John River causing the water to appear to run uphill at the point where the river drains into the bay.

Not to be comfused with St. John's, Newfoundland.

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