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Welcome to the Everything Saints Project. You can go back to List of Saints, or see all of them as Saints (all). Sources include google.com, Catholic teachings, and various other sources. It was divided by letter for easier searching because the original list is fairly cumbersome to load and look through manually. Enjoy, and /msg suggestions/additions to v3rgez.

Blessed Jacobo Salomone
Blessed Jacopo de Voragine
Blessed Jacopone da Todi
Blessed Jakob Gapp
Blessed James Bell
Blessed James Benfatti
Blessed James Bertoni
Blessed James Bird
Blessed James Carvalho
Blessed James Duckett
Blessed James Fayaxida
Blessed James Fenn
Blessed James Gerius
Blessed James Grissinger
Blessed James Oldo
Blessed James Thompson
Blessed James of Bitetto
Blessed James of Capocci
Blessed James of Certaldo
Blessed Jan van Ruusbroec
Blessed Jane Scopelli
Blessed Jeanne Jugan
Blessed Jerome de Angelis
Blessed Joachim of Fiore
Blessed Joanna of Portugal
Blessed Johann Nepomuk von Tschiderer
Blessed John Amias
Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini
Blessed John Baptist Spagnuolo
Blessed John Beche
Blessed John Colombini
Blessed John Cornelius and Companions
Blessed John Duns Scotus
Blessed John Finch
Blessed John Forest
Blessed John Gavan
Blessed John Inamura
Blessed John Ingram
Blessed John Larke
Blessed John Lockwood
Blessed John Munden
Blessed John Nelson
Blessed John Nutter
Blessed John Pibush
Blessed John Rochester
Blessed John Shert
Blessed John Soreth
Blessed John Speed
Blessed John Story
Blessed John Tomaki
Blessed John of Parma
Blessed Jordan of Pisa
Blessed Jordan of Saint Stephen
Blessed Josemaria Escriva
Blessed Joseph Anchieta
Blessed Joseph Vaz
Blessed Josephine Vannini
Blessed Julian of Norwich
Blessed Julien Maunoir
Blessed Junipero Serra
Saint Jacoba
Saint Jacobinus de Canepaci
Saint Jacques Fremin
Saint James Intercisus
Saint James Kisai
Saint James of the Marches
Saint James the Greater
Saint James the Less
Saint Jane Frances de Chantal
Saint Jane of Valois
Saint Januarius
Saint Jarlath
Saint Jason
Saint Jeanne Elizabeth des Bichier des Anges
Saint Jeremy
Saint Jerome
Saint Jerome Emiliani
Saint Jessica
Saint Joachim
Saint Joan de Lestonnac
Saint Joan of Arc
Saint Joaquina Vedruna de Mas
Saint Jodoc
Saint John Baptist de Rossi
Saint John Baptist de la Salle
Saint John Berchmans
Saint John Bosco
Saint John Boste
Saint John Buckley
Saint John Cassian
Saint John Chrysostom
Saint John Climacus
Saint John Damascene
Saint John Eudes
Saint John Fisher
Saint John Francis Regis
Saint John Gabriel Perboyre
Saint John Gualbert
Saint John I, Pope
Saint John Jones
Saint John Joseph of the Cross
Saint John Leonardi
Saint John Mary Vianney
Saint John Nepomucene
Saint John Nepomucene Neumann
Saint John Ogilvie
Saint John Payne
Saint John Rigby
Saint John Roberts
Saint John Sarkander
Saint John Southworth
Saint John Stone
Saint John Twenge
Saint John Wall
Saint John de Brebeuf
Saint John de Britto
Saint John of Avila
Saint John of Beverley
Saint John of Capistrano
Saint John of Dukla
Saint John of God
Saint John of Kanty
Saint John of Matha
Saint John of Sahagun
Saint John of the Cross
Saint John the Almsgiver
Saint John the Apostle and Evangelist
Saint John the Baptist
Saint John the Dwarf
Saint John the Silent
Saint Josaphat
Saint Joseph
Saint Joseph Cafasso
Saint Joseph Calasanz
Saint Joseph Mary Tommasi
Saint Joseph Moscati
Saint Joseph Oriol
Saint Joseph Pignatelli
Saint Joseph de Veuster
Saint Joseph of Arimathea
Saint Joseph of Cupertino
Saint Joseph of Leonissa
Saint Judas Cyriacus
Saint Jude Thaddeus
Saint Julia
Saint Julian the Hospitaller
Saint Juliana Falconieri
Saint Juliana of Liège
Saint Juliana of Nicomedia
Saint Julie Billiart
Saint Julius I
Saint Juniper
Saint Justin Martyr
Saint Justin de Jacobis
Saint Justus of Canterbury
Saints Joachim and Anne
Saints John and Paul
Saints Julian and Basilissa

Here are the Russian Orthodox saints that start with "J." Their feastdays are included where available.

Source: http://www.gnisios.narod.ru/lives.html

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