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Salazar won't be turned to stone

"THE NATIONAL Historical Institute (NHI) has firmly denied Pasay City Councilor Justo Justo's request for the erection of a statue of a nude Sarah Jane Salazar hugging a giant penis and surrounded by naked young men at the corner of Gil Puyat and F. B. Harrison Avenues."
--Philippine Daily Inquirer,October 13, 2000

The Philippine Daily Inquirer is one of the country's most respected newspapers. Sarah Jane Salazar was an AIDS victim who came out to support AIDS education, but later cohabited with 15-year old boy, and admitted that they had sex without protection. She died a few months ago.

Considering the news coming from the Philippines these days, this has been hilarious. I am kinda disappointed that the NHI did not approve this. Surely the monument would brighten the lives of people who pass by the corner of Gil Puyat and F. B. Harrison Avenues every day!

But never fear, in the same article: "Justo said he would fight for the building of Salazar's monument. He would even campaign to have her beatified".

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