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I must confess, I've only distantly observed the debate over same-sects marriage (or, as it is sometimes called, homo-sectual marriage), and was at first unsure what all the fuss was about -- seemed like a personal lifestyle choice that government should stay far afield of. After all, if two people love each other and wish to share the burdens and benefits of their lives, it should not matter if they come from the same sects. But upon serious contemplation I have come to the epiphany that those who protest same-sects marriage are right!! For it is surely an abomination which stabs at the very heart of civilisation, and retards the progress of the same!!

The base disgrace of same-sects marriage is that it is harmful to society in its promotion of insularity and prevention of communities from developing strong bonds between the differing traditions mixed among them.... but this insularity reaches beyond the cultural, and delves into the genetic itself, for those who confine themselves to sexual partners of the same sects, especially where we are speaking of the weaker sects. While many people consider themselves to be part of a larger social continuum of their general religious preference, there are veritably tens of thousands of sects of varying sizes, many very small indeed; and even among the stronger sects, they may incline to be geographically dotted about, such that a given town or city has only a small same-sects population which those having a same-sects preference can date within. Thus it is clear that with declining available populations of unrelated people in same-sects marriage communities, same-sects marriage will inevitably lead to incest.

And think of the children!! Same-sects marriage is, as well, very harmfully confusing to the children of conventional marriages where the parents are of different sects, because those children will be confused about why they have a mommy and a daddy of differing sects while some other kids have parents of the same sects!!

In closing, same sects marriage is harmful to society and should be banned. So start a petition to ban same-sects marriage today, and ask your local parishioners to sign up for it!!

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