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The grandfather of Methodism. The father of John & Charles Wesley.

Samuels father was a preacher and so was his grandfather and so were three of his sons. Samuel was himself a clergyman known for his hard sermons, calling sinners to repentance. He served as pastor of Epworth in Lincolnshire. Most of the parishioners hated him for his uncompromising attitude aginst sin. They stabbed his cattle and many belive that they burnt down the Wesley rectory. In that fire many of the poems and hymns he wrote were destroyed. Young John Wesley was nearly killed in that same fire.

Samuel and the later vary famous author Daniel Defoe were good friends since thier days together at school. Samuel himself wrote an exhaustive commentary on Job which was published by John after Samuels death. Samuel didnĀ“t live long enough to see the fruits of his ministry nor the great success the Kingdom of Heaven had trough his two most notorious sons. When John was banned from the pulpits of the Anglican church he held a fiery sermon from top of his fathers gravestone which brought many sinners to repentance. Samuel would have rejoiced.

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