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A really sick and twisted series of novels and a handful of comic books, about a dimension-travelling, samurai sword-armed feline named Miaowara Tomokato, who lives to create mass chaos. He also has a son, so it's like a bizarre mix of Lone Wolf and Cub, Groo, and Usagi Yojimbo, but stranger. Gleeful carnage abounds. Memorable also for the quote "I'm not a sick little puppy! I'm a homicidal little kitten!" Or maybe you had to be there. I bought the first one I read at Title Wave Books.

PS. NO RELATION whatsoever to Samurai Pizza Cats!

Despite what the other article says, the main character does not live to create mass chaos, but to avenge the slaying of his lord. Mass chaos is just a happy byproduct of his hunting down the myriad conspirators against Lord Nobunaga. The most chaotic element is Tomokato's nephew Shiro, who does in fact live for death and chaos. This series has ripped off everything from Star Wars, Star Trek and the Terminator to the Wizard of Oz. The final book, Samurai Cat Goes To Hell has the Buddhist main character on a special mission from the Christian God. The main characters seem to just be Tomokato, Shiro and the occasional appearence by "Henry the Angel".

Overall this is a great comedy series geared towads the reader who is *not* faint of heart. Violence and puns abound, revolving around a main character who remains as implacable as Golgo 13 while spilling enough blood to be attacked by boats while inland.

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