According to common legend in the area, San Antonio, Texas is home to a set of haunted railroad tracks.

Apparently in the 1930's or 1940's, a school bus full of children broke down while crossing the tracks. Soon after, a train hit the bus, killing all of the children, as well as the bus driver. Now, legend has it that if you straddle your car over the tracks, put it in neutral, and remove your foot from the brake, you will be pushed off of the tracks by the ghosts of the children.

Reportedly, skeptics have tried this, and sure enough have been pushed out of harms way. Additionally, some people have sprinkled baby powder or some similar substance on the backs of their cars, and after being pushed off the tracks, have witnessed child-sized handprints on their bumpers.

Some people say that the track is situated on an imperceptable slope, one that you can not easily see. This would account for the rolling of the car. Others believe that the handprints are from residue left over from the car owner's own handprints. Whatever the case, this is indeed an interesting and fun ghost story

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