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The San Bernardino Mountains are a mountain range northeast of Los Angeles, north of San Bernadino, and south of Apple Valley. They stretch from west to east, the westernmost portions ending in Cajon Pass and the eastern end ending near the Little San Bernardino Mountains and Joshua Tree National Park. These mountains reach a height of over 11,000 feet on Mt San Gorgonio, maing them the tallest mountain range in California south of the Sierras. These mountains are headwaters for the Santa Ana River and the Mojave River, both of which are mainly sandy washes in the summer. These mountains are home to many vegetation types including chaparral in the lower southern slopes, jeffrey pine and black oak along the crest, and lodgepole pine and various firs near mt san gorgonio. Right at the peak of this mountain there is a small area of alpine vegetation, one of the southernmost such areas in the US. The mountains were formed by geologic uplift; the san andreas fault skirts their southern edge

The San Bernardinos are a popular resort area for residents wishing to escape LA, Riverside, or San Bernadino. Some of the resorts include Lake Arrowhead, Lake Gregory, Crestline, Running Springs, Green Valley Lake, Big Bear, and Fawnskin. In the summer, the area is home to hiking, camping, and boating in the nearby lakes. In the winter, these mountains get a fair amount of snow and are home to snowboarding and skiing areas which suck compared to the sierras but are a lot closer. In general, they are less than 2 hours from LA so they are a good place to go to escape the smog and traffic.

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