San Clemente is a city at the extreme Southern tip of Orange County, in the state of California, in the United States of America. It is a quiet, pleasant seaside town--not the sort of place you'd normally visit (unless you're into surfing) but it's very much a nice place to live. So nice, in fact, that a former president (Richard Nixon) chose it as the site for his summer home.
For those people who are new to the area, some places to see include the pier (located at the end of Avenida Del Mar) which serves as a sort of focal point for the long strand of beach which serves as the border between the city of San Clemente and the Pacific Ocean. The beach itself is popular for swimming,sunbathing, and especially surfing. There are always surfers in the ocean here. To the south of the city, El Camino Real, the main road going through San Clemente, dead-ends onto Christianitos road, and a bike trail leads from there to Trestles beach, a famous surf beach.
For those whose tastes do not run towards hiking, bicycling, or watersports, there are other things to occupy your time. Avenida Del Mar serves as a focal point for downtown San Clemente. There's a library here, and a community center, and the street itself is often used for a variety of events, such as an arts and crafts fair held the first Sunday of the month. It seems there's always something going on on this lively street.
In all, San Clemente is a good choice, if you're looking for a place to live in Orange County. It's almost exactly halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles, and I-5 gives good access to both cities, as well as to the other cities in Orange County. In addition, it has a more laid-back, informal feel than a lot of places in the county. Sure, there are big, expensive homes up on the hillsides, but it's also the sort of place that ordinary people can feel comfortable living.

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