This is a non-profit organization near San Diego's airport, Lindbergh Field. I live in San Diego, so I don't know how widespread is the idea that it is the best zoo in the world. The San Diego Zoological Society runs the zoo as well as the Wild Animal Park. There are bus tours at the zoo and you can request to have one in French or Spanish, and possibly some other languages.

The Wild Animal Park attempts to hide their captivity from the animals. You can take a guided tour on a train through areas of the park that are otherwise off-limits.

If you enjoy helping in the fight to preserve endangered species, visit the zoo or the Wind Animal Park. The food is expensive, but the profits don't go to rich people, they go toward the health of Gaia. The Zoological Society is very active in captive breeding programs to help bring species back from the edge of extinction.

A membership in the Zoological Society costs about $100 depending on the type and allows you to visit both parks for free. You'll also get a subscription to the magazine ZooNooZ, which is always full of pictures that even small children can enjoy.

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