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Diminutive Greek volcanic island whose caldera makes up the bay. Steep, towering cliffs spill down into the caldera, specked with picturesque whitewashed villas. Beaches are of a fine black sand. Popular with gap-year travellers and free thinking youngsters. See also: Summer Lovers.

There is some speculation that Santorini (or Thira) may have been a part of the lost civilization of Atlantis. Regardless of the truth to this, Santorini is a spectacular sight, completely unlike any other island in the Cyclades.

Santorini in its current form was created when the volcano erupted, blowing much of itself into the ocean. The result is a horseshoe shaped group of islands with towering cliffs, decorated with sulfuric yellows and ferrous reds.

Regular boat tours to the volcano and hot springs are available from the town of Fira. These depart from the old port daily and the cablecar descent to the port provides some wonderful views of the island.

The sunset when viewed from Oia on the northmost point of the island is nothing short of spectacular.

This island is a definite must-see when visiting the Cyclades.

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