Born in Washington, DC and raised in Boise, Idaho, Sara Downing started acting in a Shakespearean theater at a very young age. While in Boise, she also did some modeling which helped her land an agent.

Later, Sara settled in L.A. and started to show up in films. She has appeared with such actors as Drew Barrymore, Brendan Fehr and Meat Loaf.

Sara got a starring role on the short lived show "Dead Last" which appeared for seven episodes on the WB and for all thirteen on YTV. She played Jane Cahill, the only female in the band, and in fact, the only starring female character.

Sara also appeared in another WB show, "Roswell," as Courtney, a alien who is pretending to be a waitress.

Sara currently lives in L.A. When not working, she enjoys having parties, designing clothes and seeing movies.

Other Appearances:

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