1969 book by Anton Szandor LaVey outlining the beliefs and rituals of the Church of Satan. Not as much of a historical/religious doctrine as it is a self-help book telling you to live your own life and not to take shit from anyone else. Includes four books, two that are diatribe and two that are ritual. Handy to have around your house in case you need to scare away the Jehovah's Witnesses or Jesus freaks that show up at your house begging for money.

A book by Anton Szandor LaVey, which details both the Satanist way of life and the Satanist rituals.

  • The first part reminds of a 'popular psychology' book, such as "How To Make Friends And Influence People". Some chapters are dedicated to LaVey's idea of a better society and his recipe for making one (in form of rules a proper society should adopt). Others teach ways to regain personal strength and get rid of "leeches" (e.g. how to be occasionally selfish, in order not to be exploited by others). Many of his suggestions are good sensible tips.
  • The second part deals with the Satanic church rituals. This part consits of mystical texts, keys (in Enochian and English) and rituals. I tried reading it, but it was just too boring and, frankly, full of bullshit (IMHO).

A friend who has bought the book ($5.95 at Amazon.com) immediately got hooked up, but he simply liked the first part, while ignoring the rest of it.

The book was later reproduced in HTML form by some fans and spread on the net, disregarding copyright laws, so you could probably find it easily.

URL: http://www.unwind.co.il/documents/The%20Satanic%20Bible%20by%20Anton%20Szandor%20LaVey/

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