A Christian Goth band currently residing in Germany and/or California.

They consist of: according to liner notes.

The most notable work of this band is a trilogy of albums based off of text from the Bible, specifically dealing with the Book of Revelation, named Legend I, II, and III (to be released later this year in the US).

Other titles of work include Saviour Machine The Demo, Saviour Machine I, Saviour Machine II, Live in Deutchland, Behold A Pale Horse (maxi single).

In 1994 Eric Clayton created MCM Music, an independant label that hosts such artists as Eva O, Rackets & Drapes, Spirit And The Bride, and Narnia.

Saviour Machine is known for its rock opera/performance art shows. Very epic, dark, mysterious...even terrifying at times.

Sources include the band's official website http://www.saviourmachine.com, as well as liner notes from Legend I.

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