Savoy style is another way of describing traditional Lindy Hop. The name comes from the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem where Lindy Hop was invented.

The actor Dean Collins developed a style of Lindy Hop which is called "Hollywood Style" because it was developed for presentation on film. He added a whip to the dance (which is also seen in West Coast Swing) and it helped the couple physically spend more time on camera as compared to traditional Savoy style.

There are several unique and distinguishing characteristics of Savoy Style Lindy Hop.

Savoy is bouncier than Hollywood style (also known as Smooth Style).

Savoy style dancers use a more relaxed standing position, in contrast to the upright position used by Hollywood dancers.

Unlike Hollywood swing outs and break-aways, Savoy swing outs do not involve a whip.

Savoy style dancers also tend to move around the dance floor much more than Hollywood Style dancers. Hollwood style is known as more of a slotted dance, meaning that the dancers tend to stay in the same position or move within a linear slot.

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