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Sayre & Fisher was a brick company founded in 1850 by James Sayre of Newark, New Jersey and Peter Fisher of New York City. They were based out of Wood's Landing (which is now Sayreville, New Jersey, renamed in honor of the company). Around that time, there were many brickmakers based in the area, but Sayre & Fisher became the largest by purchasing a large tract of land laden with clay in what is now Sayreville. By 1878, Sayre & Fisher was producing 178,000,000 bricks per year. Sayre & Fisher bricks built many of the houses in central New Jersey, and their bricks built the pedastal the Statue of Liberty rests on. The plant closed in 1960, but by then they had produced an estimated 6 billion bricks. One of their smokestacks can still be seen on Main Street in Sayreville.

Credit: Living in Sayreville for 16 years and http://www.njhm.com/sayre&fisher.htm

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