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The TTC's Scarborough LRT carries hundreds of passengers a day beyond Toronto's most eastern subway stop at Kennedy and was opened for service on March 22, 1985.

The Scarborough LRT project was not initially planned as it is now built. Originally, construction was underway for streetcars to run along the CN Railway corridor that the Scarborough LRT (or RT for short) now travels, but the Ontario Government abruptly changed its mind as it was more iinterested in funding and developing Light Rapid Transit as a state of the art alternative over streetcars.

The streetcar project was halted during the construction of additions to Kennedy Station and designs to accomidate the LRT were implemented instead. Remnants of the "streetcar station" can be seen on the ceiling at track level as the RT required the extra level of clearance, hence the bevelled roof. The original streetcar platform is also still visible below the RT platform.

Systems spawned from the Scarborough LRT development exist in Detroit and Vancouver although, they are not operated by drivers. Instead, computers and magnets control the speed and distance between trains, which was one of the said features of the Scarborough RT that was never resolved to anyones confidence here.

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