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If there is anything I have learned from school in general, it is:

How to complete work in a bureaucratic setting focused only on productivity.

How to create the illusion of completed work in a setting where people appointed in a position of power over other people scrutinize such work, and enter a numerical value into a computerized system, whereby the average of all the numbers will determine somebody's future.

How to disparage and stall work that will not be scrutinized in the above manner in order to catch a break, however short it may be.

How to stop panicking when there is not enough time to complete all of the assignments, and prioritize getting enough sleep to getting everything done.

How to take the work of fellow students and input that into your own assignment to help create the illusion of completed work.

How to rely on fellow students for mental and emotional support in such an agonizingly routine, cruel, inhuman system.

How to despair over the fact that much of the professional world relies on applying such strategies.

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