It's always seemed pointless to cram all kinds of equations before a test, just because they're not on there.

That's one example of the problem with the archaic schooling system found in most schools and universities. Memorizing every last knowledge item on a topic becomes obsolete in a world of open source and instant communication.

More stress on the understanding of an idea is more appropriate today. This isn't to say that there is no degree of syntactic ability required on a subject; it's just that there ought to be more focus on gaining a facility with the subject matter, rather than just bulk rote memory.

With less brute force recall occupying one's internal processing power, the integration of several different topics in to larger abstractions is possible, when the minor knowledge gaps patched by electric resources when necessary.

It's no wonder that people are moving toward self-directed and self-taught methods of learning.

Note: this type of knowledge acquisition is ideal for conceptual, building block-type stuff, like web scripting and programming.

something's gotta change

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